API 6D,IBR & ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company


Novel valves is a manufacturer with wide range of industrial valves for Thermal, Nuclear or Hydro power plants , highly expertise in valve design- production & a deep understanding of power industry requirements.

The performance of these supercritical units like Termal ,Nuclear or Hydro power plants is directly dependent on the quality ,reliability & dependability of the service valves in application. For any type of power generation plant, Novel delivers exceptionally particular built items satisfying the guidelines, approvals, performance and quality required worldwide through our worldwide system of Novel deals organizations and designated distributors. Applications incorporate hydro power, fuel gas depressurization, cooling water, steam, waste incineration and sustainable power source.

Our Strengths

  • High Quality.
  • Cost Effective
  • Finished product
  • Delivery On time
  • Advanced Technology
  • Expert Engineers